Windshield Masters

A Professional Windshield Repair Company

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Phone +1-773-588-9561

Address 4118
Virginia Street
Chicago, IL 60618


Damaged Windshield Repair
Windshield Replacement
Windshield Polishing
Windshield Consultation
Auto Glass Repair


Window Tinting Solution Limited

Windshield Replacement Affiliates


We partnered with that organization for sharing their workload. In a unique business model more than 8000 windshields replacement jobs were carried out. Finally, we decided to build our own brand in the market and that association came to an happy end!

Window Tinting Solution

Car Window Tinting Associates


This is another department where we collaborated with our parent company. After tinting more than half a million windows successfully we started as a standalone brand in the car window tinting sector



Certified 3M User ·

We as a company are a certified user of 3M products used in car window tinting applications. In addition to this we have professional technicians with certifications from 3M.


2016 Best Auto Glass Repair Company, The Union of Auto Glass Manufacturers